Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: Anubis Gates – Tim Powers

Anubis Gates – Tim Powers

It’s pretty redundant for me to review this book, since it’s been out for decades now and won the 1983 Philip K. Dick Award and 1984 Science Fiction Chronicle Award. It’s influenced a ton of work, including my own. I’d read and loved this book when it first came out, and the re-read did not disappoint. (Also, his other books, including some of the newest, are also brilliant, so I was glad to revisit this one.)

Quirky time travel, madcap Egyptian sorcerers with some of the strangest and most interesting magic you’ll ever meet. Bizarre twists and intricate plotting make this a must-devour read. Throw into this an extremely detailed understanding of the various time periods and this book stays with you long after reading.

Highly recommend.

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