Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: Jo Walton – Tooth and Claw

Jo Walton – Tooth and Claw

Billed as Pride and Prejudice, only all the characters are dragons. That’s right Dragons. So debates about peerage and inheritance, marriage, fancy dinners and etiquette, but with, you know, dragons. Actually deceptively more interesting than even that premise seems, because the outrageous practices that dragons get into but that modern dragon society finds totally acceptable like, say, eating your dead relatives, or peasants (living or dead) or sickly children, or anyone that crosses you, really, throws a wicked light on the kinds of things that Victorian (or modern) society still accepts. Or, ignore all that and just get caught up with Felin saving her kids, Selendra’s difficult marriage or Berend’s career. Captivating if you love dragons or that period of England. Maybe even if you don’t.